Alan Woodward Butcher
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Champion of Champion Sausage Maker

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Apricot & Pork subtle taste of apricot pieces, medium texture
Boerwors Pork & Beef South African special recipe coarse texture
Chipolatas Pork no herbs - mild, fine texture
Cider & Apple Pork with pure apple juice, cider - medium texture
Cracked Pepper, Jumbos pork & beef balanced flavour, fine texture
Cumberland Pork peppery seasoning, no herbs coarse texture
Edwardian Pork no colour or preservative, old recipe, medium texture
Garlic Pork continental flavour, strong garlic. fine texture
Gaucho Hot South American combo of beef & lamb, very hot, medium texture
Gluten Free Pork mild, for coeliacs (from freezer), fine texture
Honey Roast Pork mild/sweet, no herbs. fine texture
Hop & Ale Pork with Kent hops & strong ale, medium texture
Horseradish & Scotch Beef full flavour, not hot, medium texture
Italian Herb Beef & Pork typical italian herbs, fine texture
Leek & Pork full of flavour, coarse texture
Lemon & Ginger Pork subtle taste of the east, fine texture
Lincolnshire Pork typical country sausage, medium texture
Lincolnshire Pork Chipolatas country herbs, medium texture
Minty Lamb really minty, fine texture
Mustard & Pork whole grain mustard, gives taste, not hot medium
Mustard, Dill & Scotch Beef unique blend of spices, fine texture
Mustard & Pork whole grain mustard, gives taste, not hot, medium texture
Old Laird's Special mild traditional pork, no herbs, fine texture
Olde English Pork strong spicy kick mellowed by herbs, medium texture
Original Village Pork subtle herbs & spices, soft medium texture
Rosemary & Garlic Lamb garlic &hint of rosemary, medium texture
Spring onion, Ginger & Sesame pork, full of flavour, medium texture
Suffolk Chicken Suffolk chicken with country herbs, medium texture
Sussex Village Champion of Champions
Twice Great Britain's Champion of Champions
the connoisseur's sausage, meaty,herbs, juniper & gin, medium texture
Thai Chicken with Thai herbs, spices & tarragon, medium texture
Tomato & Basil beef, pork, sundried tomato & herbs, medium texture
Traditional Pork mild with a little sage, fine texture
Venison Balmoral wild venison with juniper & pork, fine texture

Sausage of the Month
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Our sausages can be enjoyed at the Royal Oak public house, Poynings, West Sussex
and the George Hotel, Henfield, West Sussex

Our sausages are made on the premises using traditional butchery techniquies.
Only Scotch pork, beef & lamb are used
Telephone 01273 492814

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